Mastering Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention

Mastering Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention

ISBN: 9781884826313

Show your company how to protect its assets. Learn to prevent—or spot—employee theft, customer check and credit-card fraud, Internet scams and more. Double-quiz in each section assures that you master it.


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78 pages [45 self-teaching + 33 quizzes/answers]

Section 1: Employee inventory theft. Red flags of false sales, phony write-offs and other theft schemes. 5 controls that prevent theft.

Section 2: Preventing employee theft. 4 key factors to check before hiring. How to use a fidelity bond for employees who have access to cash. Controls against theft, fraud.

Section 3: Check fraud. How to prevent—or spot—forged company checks, payroll-related check fraud, customer check fraud. Systems that prevent check fraud.

Section 4: Credit card fraud. 10 schemes that use lost or stolen credit cards. How to spot a counterfeit Visa, MasterCard or American Express card. Recommended rules for company credit cards.

Section 5: How vendors can cheat you. Forms of bribery. Telemarketing scams that target businesses. How to check out a suspicious vendor before you buy.

Appendix A: Forms, Patterns and Red Flags of Bribery

Appendix B: Operations That Support Frauds and Scams

Publisher: AIPB
  • • Complete preparation for the national Certified Bookkeeper exam!
  • • Double-quiz in every workbook section assures mastery of every skill!
  • • Workbook quiz questions mimic the national exam questions!